Past, Present, & Future

Bannex was founded in the 1980s with a visionary focus: Redefine the supplier-customer relationship in the packaging industry.


By combining technical expertise with quality-based, global-supplier partnerships, Bannex consistently offers simple, exact, client-directed packaging solutions.


Bannex will continue to achieve these ideals for future generations to address growing population needs, changing lifestyle demands, and sustainable packaging choices.

Our Mission: Value

Bannex exists to maximize customers’ value by combining the highest-quality, lowest-cost, fastest-delivered packaging materials, equipment, and services available. Bannex is excited to innovate value in the packaging industry by providing unique, adaptable, functional products in a customer-oriented, hassle-free, problem-solving, always-available environment.


Whether you are in the food & beverage packing, storage and preservation, or food-service industry, add value with glass jars, metal closures, plastic lids, capping machines, or equipment servicing from Bannex.

Customer Solutions

Value Path Analysis

  1. Define, Investigate, Research, Plan Variables
  2. Apply Technical Expertise, Knowledgeable Experience
  3. Explore Industry Affiliations, Supplier Network
  4. Present Focused Solutions to Customer Constraints

Project Management

  1. Goal: Lowest Pricing, Fastest Schedule, Highest Quality Achievable
  2. Cost: Minimal Overhead, Advanced Systems, Efficient Process
  3. Schedule: Expedited Delivery Partners, Global Ports Options
  4. Quality: Tenured Supplier Partnerships, Industry Leading Materials

Retention and Development

  1. Relationship Continues After Deliverables
  2. Nurture, Engage and Expand Business
  3. Always-Available, 24/7 Business Hours
  4. Lifetime Customer Partnerships

Industry Partners

Customers’ success depends upon reliable, available, quality products. That is why Bannex has partnered with these global, industry leading firms in our packaging supply chain to guarantee dependable results for every order.

Gene Nordby


After entering the packaging business with Continental Can Company in 1971, Gene transitioned to Continental White Cap as Director of Licensing and Business Development in 1981. With White Cap, he gained complete knowledge of metal closures and machinery for closure application.

Seeking to enhance the supplier-customer relationship model, Gene formed Bannex International, Inc. in 1989 with his partner James Brannan. Bannex became a global supplier of metal closures and capping machines, partnering first with CarnaudMetalBox and later with Massilly France.

Gene took full ownership of Bannex in 1996. The company expanded into glass container supply in 2003 by partnering with VMC France, which since has merged with BSN, and more recently has been acquired by O-I Europe.

Today Bannex is a leader in the Americas for the supply of Metal and Plastic Closures, Glass Containers, and Machinery, Parts & Services. Bannex’s vision is to enable our customers to operate their companies without worry or concern for their continuous, high-quality packaging needs.

Bill Nordby

Director of Business Development

With advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Construction Engineering and Management, and twenty-plus years of Business Management experience, Bill joined the Bannex team in January 2016 as Director of Business Development.

Continuing with the Bannex mission of innovating VALUE within our global partnerships, Bill integrates complex marketing strategies, dynamic enterprise systems, and cutting-edge technology to streamline our customer relationships.

This ensures Bannex’s diverse partners receive excellent, consistent, real-time service, and will continue to choose Bannex for all of their specific packaging material, equipment, and servicing requirements.