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Le Parfait

Why should I make preserves?

Because it is healthy, economical, zero-waste, freezer-free, infinitely reusable, and FUN! Click here to learn more.

What is the best method for home preservation?

For preserving fresh produce or meat, click here.

For making homemade jams or jellies, click here.

Who is Bannex International?

Bannex International is the importing distributor for all Le Parfait products being imported from France and distributed throughout the Americas.

Can I return my Le Parfait Products?

Returns are handled through the direct sales source; i.e. whether you purchased your Le Parfait products from one of our stocking distributors, or from a retailer, please contact them directly for their specific return policy. Thanks!

How do I contact Le Parfait?

Feel free to submit any inquiries regarding Le Parfait products in the Americas to Bannex by clicking here.

Or, you can find the current contact information for global Le Parfait Consumer Service by clicking here.


Does Le Parfait offer different colored gaskets for the Super Jars & Terrines?

No, the Le Parfait brand has a signature orange gasket that has been used for many generations and represents the timeless, iconic qualities that will preserve well into the future!

Is there an East Coast stocking distributor for Le Parfait products?

We do not have an East Coast stocking distributor at this time. However, we do ship anywhere in the US, and are constantly working to streamline our supply chain network to offer the best shipping rates available.

Will you help me make my own labels?

Yes, of course! Create your own home preserve labels with our handy tool, here.


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