Le Parfait Jam Pots

Le Parfait Jam Pots are unrivaled in quality, function, and beauty. These authentic jars have been made in France since the 1930s, and offer wide-mouthed openings, faceted sidewalls, rounded rims without threads, and adaptability to suit all of your jam pot needs.

Technical Sheets:

  1. Preserving: Jam Pots are perfect for preserving the flavors of fruit, jams, jellies and preserves in any season.
  2. Storage: Organize with Jam Pots and your pantry or bathroom counter will look professionally remodeled.
  3. Lifestyle: Use your Jam Pots as drinking glasses and relax comfortably by eliminating the waste in your life.
  4. Decor & DIY: Jam Pots will become your favorite container for displaying a glowing candle or small floral arrangement.
  5. Food Service: Entertain in style by presenting your guest hors d’oeuvres, dips, soups, or desserts in this classic serveware.
  6. Gourmet & Gift: Pack your firms secret preserve recipe, light up a homemade candle, or fashion the perfect hostess gift.

Available Sizes

Le Parfait Jam Pots in the Media

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